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Display labels on decision tree diagram - SAS EM 12.3

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Display labels on decision tree diagram - SAS EM 12.3

Good afternoon,


I am struggling to interpret the results of the decision tree diagram (see attachment 1) as I cannot display the original labels of the categories contained in each leaf, which have been substituted by numbers indicating each different level. Needless to say that I have explored all options available both on the menu on the top and by right clicking and checking Graph properties / View / Tools / etc.


This also applies when I open the distributions of nominal variables (e.g.Product Name) by right-clicking on the "File-Import" node (see attachment 2).


I used to do this quite rapidly from SAS -> Solution -> Analysis -> EM, but now I have a different license and cannot run SAS EM from SAS, so I can only use SAS EM 12.3 which is a different software.

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Re: Display labels on decision tree diagram - SAS EM 12.3



So you want the formatted values to show up as node labels instead of the raw integers, right? 



Does it work if you use the DM Exa -1 sample dataset? The dataset includes several formatted numeric inputs like edlevel, marital. When I treat them as nominal and build the tree, I see the formatted values. See attachment. 


Is it possible that options nofmterr is in effect so your dataset is  being loaded without the formats? 


Hope this helps.





tree formatted values.png
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