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Deploying Model Scoring to MAS without Decision Builder

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Deploying Model Scoring to MAS without Decision Builder

For simple scoring with no rules or decisions, it seems like generating an empty vocabulary and involving the Decision Manager and Decision Builder products are unnecessary.  However, we're finding that MAS is significantly faster than SASBIWS, so we'd still like to utilize MAS.  Is there a way to publish Enterprise Miner model scoring code directly to MAS, or is going through Decision Manager/Builder the only way?

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Re: Deploying Model Scoring to MAS without Decision Builder

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It is possible to use the REST API to publish models directly to MAS.  However, you can only do so with properly formed DS2 code.   Please refer to the MAS Programming and Administration Guide for additional information. 


Most SAS Enterprise Miner models produce data step score code but they do not produce DS2 score code.  As a result, you would need to do any conversion yourself.  Unfortunately, I do not have any examples of taking this approach because it is not supported by SAS Technical Support. Since using SAS Decision Manager to publish the model to MAS handles the conversion process internally, it is highly recommended to use the SAS Decision Manager process.


I hope this helps!


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