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Deploy Model Results to web

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Deploy Model Results to web


I developed many models using EMiner 12.1 but I need to deploy or view results through Web Interface (Portal, WebReport studio, ...).

anyone knows how to do that.


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Re: Deploy Model Results to web

Hi @msaber,

I haven't used any of those BI tools.

In the meantime, does it help to generate a pdf report using the Reporter node in EMiner?

Did you get some input from your post in the Web Report Studio community?

If not, try contacting SAS tech support using this form: Contact SAS Institute Technical Support



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Re: Deploy Model Results to web

When you have developed a model with miner you can deploy that (it is called scoring) to any other environment. The model is just some calculation on some vars.

Review eminer online doc for exporting models/scoring.

During the model development a lot of statistical results are generated and stored as part of the Eminer project. I hope your question is not about this part. 

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Re: Deploy Model Results to web

Hello MSaber - There is a BI Web Services framework that provides the ability to surface any SAS code (including model score code) as a web service through a Stored Process.  This may be useful to you:

And check out these white papers from Brad Klenz and Dan Jahn than made use of this way back in 2008.

The technology has evolved since then of course, and there are other ways to do this now...but this is what I'm familiar with and have used successfully.

Good luck.


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