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Default function in Neural Networks

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Default function in Neural Networks

Dear Members,

I have used a Neural Networks in EM for classification problem with default options. I want to know the default options of:

Hidden/Target layer combination function.

Hidden/Target layer activation function.


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Re: Default function in Neural Networks

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If you are using the Neural Network Node in Enterprise Miner with the defaults it will run the neural network with the Multilayer Perceptron architecture and 3 hidden units. You can check this in the Node Results, by looking at the log and seeing if the proc neural call uses "arch MLP Hidden = 3"

For Multilayer Perceptron (default setting in Enterprise Miner):

Hidden layer activation function     = tanh

Hidden layer combination function = linear

The default target layer activation and combination functions are a bit more complicated, as it depends on the level of the target variable itself:

Target layer activation function      = identity (if LEVEL = INTERVAL)

                                                 = logistic (if LEVEL = ORDINAL)

                                                 = mlogistic (if LEVEL = NOMINAL)

Target layer combination function  = linear

I hope this helps. Most of this information came from the proc neural documentation if you care for further reading.

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