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Decision trees for beginners

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Decision trees for beginners

Dear All,
in order to get started with decision trees I would like to ask my computer to produce a decision tree from a data set with one dependent variable (disease yes/no) and several independent variables (usually I would run logistic regression for these data). The tree should "decide" which variables are important risk factors for the disease. Any hints for a bloody beginner in decision trees but fairly experienced SAS user (no access to SAS enterprise miner)?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Decision trees for beginners

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You might want to run PROC ARBOR directly, which is the background procedure for the Decision Tree node in EM. Please refer to the documentation This is an olde version, but is still mostly valid.

For your case, the following generic code should work.

proc arbor data=;
input ...;
target disease;
save importance=;
score data= out=;

The SAVE IMPORTANCE= dataset contains variable importance results based on splits. The SCORE OUT= dataset contains the output results such as predictions for the score dataset DATA=.
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