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Data mining and machine learning presentations during the Analytics Experience in Las Vegas

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Data mining and machine learning presentations during the Analytics Experience in Las Vegas

If you’re planning to attend the Analytics Experience in Las Vegas, Sept. 12-14, you don’t want to miss these Data Mining and Machine Learning presentations from SAS Advanced Analytics R&D and Product Management. Be sure to add them to your agenda.


You Have Heard of Machine Learning; Let’s Talk About Putting It in Action!

Powerful machine learning capabilities give organizations an unprecedented way to derive “previously unknown” and useful insights from complex and potentially large data.... View More

Saurabh Gupta - SAS 
Udo Sglavo - SAS


Eight Tips for Making Machine Learning More Interpretable

The inherent trade-off between accuracy and interpretability in predictive modeling can be a catch-22 for analysts and data scientists working in regulated industries.... View More

Patrick Hall - SAS


Mass-Scale, Automated Machine Learning and Model Deployment Using SAS® Factory Miner and SAS® Decisi...

Business problems have become more stratified, and micro-segmentation is driving the need for mass-scale, automated machine learning solutions. Additionally, deployment... View More

Jonathan Wexler - SAS 
Steve Sparano – SAS


Practical Guidance for Machine Learning Applications

The field of machine learning offers great promise for modeling the complex problem domains encountered in the real world. However, building representative machine learning... View More

Brett Wujek – SAS


Face Identification Using SAS® Viya™

Face identification has a wide variety of uses from social network to surveillance. Recognizing an unknown face image from a gallery in real time can be challenging because... View More

Super Demo 
Ruiwen Zhang – SAS


Autotuning Machine Learning Models in SAS® Viya™

Flexibility begets complexity. Modern machine learning algorithms are designed to allow the mathematics and logic of a model to adapt to fit the diversity of feature... View More

Super Demo 
Brett Wujek - SAS


Visualize and Analyze With SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning on SAS® Viya™

Machine learning is in high demand. Whether you are a citizen data scientist who wants to interactively experiment with machine learning or a hands-on data scientist who... View More

Theater Session 
Jonathan Wexler - SAS


A Feature Selection Approach With Ensembles in SAS® Enterprise Miner™

A compact, nonredundant subset of features that have the most predictive power can greatly benefit both interpretability and generalization of predictive models. Traditional... View More

Super Demo 
Ruiwen Zhang – SAS


Did you know there’s an Analytics Experience 2016 community? Check it out for more tidbits regarding the conference.


And to help you stay on top of things during the conference, be sure to download the mobile app.


Enjoy! And post back here on the presentations you found most helpful.

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