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Data Mining with Enterprise Miner

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Data Mining with Enterprise Miner

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I have a large dataset that is mixed with converters and non-converters. I'm trying to create a machine learning model that will assign a score to the non-converters liklihood to convert based off of shared characteristics between non-converters and converters. What tool in enterprise miner would be best for creating this model?

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Re: Data Mining with Enterprise Miner

Take a look at this tip that was posted in the SAS Communities Library for Data Mining:

Tip: Predictive Modeling by Example in SAS Enterprise Miner


It has links to sample flows you can download from our GitHub repository to help you get started with various predictive models you can use (see the first 2 flows in the PredictiveModeling folder).  You can run these with the sample data provided, and after you create a data source for your data, you can connect your data to these flows to see what model performs best.  There are instructions in the README file at the link above that tell you how to import the XML files into your SAS Enterprise Miner project.  Hope that helps you get started!



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