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Cluster Profiling

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Cluster Profiling

Hi all,

Since EM is not available I was wondering if there were any alternative ways out there in SAS Base in order to create nice profiles after performing the clustering procedure which could be represented in graphs as well in figures with various stats describing the clusters.

Any idea or process is more than welcomed.

Regards and thanx in advance

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Re: Cluster Profiling

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You should be able to take the output from a STAT proc, such as FASTCLUS, and using data step code, merge with your other variables to create profiles.  You could use the the OUTSTAT option in FASTCLUS and then the INSTAT option to score.

You have many options to custom code your profiles.  I would recommend Enterprise Miner which has the Segment Profile node which automatically calculates these profiles for you, based on segments created in a Cluster node.



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