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Churn Prediction variables for post paid data

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Churn Prediction variables for post paid data

Hi All,

I have a data set of customers for a telco.I would like to build a churn model,predicting which customers are likely to churn in the next two months.Can any one give ideas/set of variables that I should be looking at.

Thanks a lot in advance




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Re: Churn Prediction variables for post paid data

Hi Sarbarup,

From a competition I did not do too well at, these were the predictors:


  • account length
  • international plan
  • voice mail plan
  • number of voice mail messages
  • total day minutes used
  • day calls made
  • total day charge
  • total evening minutes
  • total evening calls
  • total evening charge
  • total night minutes
  • total night calls
  • total night charge
  • total international minutes used
  • total international calls made
  • total international charge
  • number customer service calls made

More info:

CrowdAnalytix - why customers churn?


Good luck!


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