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Changing Metadata Folder Path

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Changing Metadata Folder Path

Hello all!


I have a project in SAS Enterprise Miner which I would like to change the metadata folder path.


I saved that project on the following metadata folder path "/sas/Users Folders/GCRUZ/My folder", and I would like to change to the following one: "/sas/Users Folders/sasdemo/My folder".


How can I do it?


Thaks in advance.

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Re: Changing Metadata Folder Path

lets say your project is in "myproject" folder on the location:

/sas/Users Folders/GCRUZ/My folder/myproject


You would copy "myproject" folder and paste at updated location: "/sas/Users Folders/sasdemo/My folder


Now open Enterprise miner and create a new project with the same name "myproject" and point at sas/Users Folders/sasdemo/My folder location. 

You should be able to have a similar project ready at new location.

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