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Chaid / C5.0 or CART in SAS

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Chaid / C5.0 or CART in SAS


Does anyone know which desicion tree algoritm do SAS EM use for estimation. Or is it possible to prefer CHAID or C.50 or CART procedures in SAS EM....

Or does it impossible to find an inhouse solution do I need a macro?

Thank You Very Much

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Re: Chaid / C5.0 or CART in SAS

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Hi Omerzeybek,

The tree algorithm that you use on Enterprise Miner for the splitting depends on your target. And you have at least two options of criterion per type of target.

Defaults are:

interval target - Probability of F distribution

nominal target - Probability of Chi-square

ordinal target - Entropy

As far as I know, Enterprise Miner has all the options you need for a decision tree, including the options from CHAID, CART and C4.5.

In the Enterprise Miner Reference Help you will find the section Comparison with Other Tree Methods under the Decision Tree node. Please take a look and don't hesitate to follow up if you can't find what you are looking for.



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