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Cannot open project for class..urgent help. Thanks!

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Cannot open project for class..urgent help. Thanks!

Hi, I am having the following error:

ERROR: The workspace cannot be opened because the "EMWS2.EM_NODEID" data set cannot be opened for update. Either you do not have write permission or this data set is locked or is not compatible with this server....

I already deleted all the wslock.lck I found in the project folder and it still won't open. All the data from the data sources icon have a Key on it. Does this mean that my data is locked and if so, how would i remove the lock?

Please help me fix this error.

Thank you very much in advance.



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Re: Cannot open project for class..urgent help. Thanks!

Hi Dntran,

I hope you got your project to work. I don't have much experience with Data Sources getting locked. And it seems you are deleting the lock for the diagrams OK.

I have circled someone from tech support but we need more info, and what version of Enterprise Miner you have.

Another thing to try.

  1. Copy your project file directory and rename it. In my machine my projects are in D:\All_Users\miguel\EMProj . If my project was named Myproject1, I would copy it, paste it, and give it the name Myproject2.
  2. In Enterprise Miner create a new project with the same name to register the metadata. Open Enteprise Miner, go to New Project, assign the project to the right path (e.g. D:\All_Users\miguel\EMProj) with the same name (e.g. Myproject2).
  3. Enterprise Miner will prompt you about other user already creted that project. Click OK.
  4. Your diagrams and data sources should be there and your project not-run (no green checks). You might have to define again the libraries and metadata (roles and targets). And you will have to run your diagram again.

Does this solve it?

Please let me know,



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Re: Cannot open project for class..urgent help. Thanks!

Posted in reply to M_Maldonado

Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your reply. I tried the steps you suggested but it is still giving me the same error. I have SAS Enterprise Miner 12.3 (workstation).

Also, since it is urgent, I have already restarted the project and is very close to completion. However, if possible, I'd still like to find out a solution to this problem for future reference.

Thank you very much for your time and help.



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