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Big data podcast roadshow

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Big data podcast roadshow

In the last few years – or since I started listening to everything on my iPhone while driving or working out – I've really increased my consumption of podcasts. I love to take an afternoon run, for example, and listen to a podcast on community management to get a perspective of what’s going on in the field … and at the same time, get my endorphin kick.

With the rise of podcast listenership, I’m not surprised that SAS Senior Director, R+D, Jared Dean (formerly with the US Census Bureau), has been interviewed by a couple of prominent podcast programs you may be aware of:

INFORMS: Big Data and Value Creation for Business Leaders

Smart People Podcast: Episode 156 – Jared Dean

Both are great listens. Jared talks about his new book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, which was cited as the #1 “Big Data Must-Read of the Summer” by The Hive.

Queue up one or both of the podcasts on your next commute or workout. And comment with your thoughts on the community.

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