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Begginer problems with SAS Miner and trees

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Begginer problems with SAS Miner and trees

Hi, i ask you for help with these two little embarrasing problems i cant solve...

1- Is possible show or display the complete decision rules using decission trees? the labels dont show the complete categories that sas tree y considering for each node.when there are many values for the variable sas dont display all of them, instead of that it puts: ",...." or "etc" and i cant see what are all these values that is taking to create a node.


2-Now, with interactive tree theres an option to set de sample size for the tree. The preset is established  at 20000 but if i set another value it doesnt matter...the size that uses the tree remains 20000

If anyone could help me with this ill apreciate it so much.

Thank you in advance, sorry for my english.



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Re: Begginer problems with SAS Miner and trees

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Hi Dex,

1 - You can view the Node Rules from View>Model>Node Rules in the Results window for the Decision Tree node to see the entire rule for each node in the tree.  


2- For the Interactive Tree, make sure you are changing the Sample Size property under Interactive Sample, and you first need to set Create Sample to User.  There is another property above that called Node Sample that's different.  This is assuming you are on Enterprise MIner 13.1 or later - prior to that, you need to set the following macro variables in the Project Start Code:


  • EM_INTERACTIVE_TREE_MAXOBS — controls the maximum number of observations used for the interactive decision tree. The default value is dynamically controlled by the record length of your selected data set. 
  • EM_INTERACTIVE_TREE_SAMPLEMETHOD — controls the sampling method used to create the data for the interactive decision tree. This is used in combination with EM_INTERACTIVE_TREE_MAXOBS. Valid values are FIRSTN, RANDOM, and STRATIFY. The default value is RANDOM.


Hope that helps,



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