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Batch Processing of SAS Miner Diagram

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Batch Processing of SAS Miner Diagram



I am trying to schedule an entire SAS Miner diagram which has both training and scoring parts. I have extracted the SAS code from the last node. The extracted code runs fine in SAS EG. For linear regression, all the model parameters are regenerated when I run the extracted code (as the model gets retrained). However there is one hard coded variable for 'Decmeta Data Set' and 'Decdata Data Set'. It is for the target variable. On reading, it seems that it has got to do with prior probabilities. However on manually checking the response rate of the training data, the numbers do not match. Moreover if I run the same data with a different model, then the number changes.


My question is, what does this variable do? Since it is hard coded, can I derive it manually and replace it when I schedule it via SAS DI? Any help will be great.




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