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Assigning Numbering Sequence

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Assigning Numbering Sequence

How do i assign a number sequence by observation?

If there are unequal number of observations from subjects:

Subject Observation Sequence
A XY 1
A AB 2
A ZW 3
B XY 1
C AB 1
C HG 2

How do i create the Sequence column such that it is of running sequence by subject?
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Re: Assigning Numbering Sequence

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One option is to assign a SAS numeric variable and after sorting your file with PROC SORT and using a specific BY variable list, use a DATA step to assign the numeric sequence variable. You will need to look at using a BY statement in the DATA step and using IF FIRST. to reset your sequence variable as needed.

Suggest you search the SAS support website for DOC and supplemental technical reference and conference papers on the topic -- here is a Google advanced search argument to consider using:

first last by group processing

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