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user wirtten code

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user wirtten code

Hi ,

i have written a code in base and i want to copy it accross to DI , i have dragged in a user wirtten code box and pasted the code into the code area and it ran ok ,

how do i open the table ?

thanks CL

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Re: user wirtten code

If the problem is the in your user code you have created some table and you want to open them by right clik -> view the answer is this

On the right side of the user code cell you see a green table.

See the properties of that table by right clicking.

Create the metadata.

In the tab colums you can insert the colums of the table you have created.

In the Pysical Memorization tab (I've the italian version and and I didn't remember the english tab) you can insert the phisycal position of the tabel.

Remember this: it's NOT necessary to register the table, but its NECESSARY that the library si registerd on the metadataserve

If you have created more then one table add more 'work table' using the right click of the mouse on the 'user written code' cell

If you have registerd the table tha you can substitute it always in the right click menu.

PS: sorry for the sloppy english :-)

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