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unable to register a DB 2 table in Sas Di

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unable to register a DB 2 table in Sas Di

Hello All,


I am stuck in a serious problem in SAS Di studio regrading regestering tables of DB 2.


My source is DB 2 and target is also DB 2.

For Both I have created a DB2 library.


suppose source having a table consist 10 column,

But to load in target I have some extra column.


So All the target tables I Need to create.


I have only one way with using pass though create table statemnt , which I am using. Table is getting created under DB2 library.


But when I am regestering table in SAS DI studio from Register table option by selecting DB2 library, it is throwing below error:


Column is not registered.

So column in not appearing in Tables.



This is the issue.


Can any body on same what could be the scenario.


1) is it proper connection issue with SAs.

2) do we require any additional option for DB 2 library and setup configuration.


3) admin issue.


Please help me if it is possible.




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Re: unable to register a DB 2 table in Sas Di

Hello @Ritesh_dellvostro,


just a question: did you already tried to Update the Metadata of the table, and run your DI code again? Everytime you modify the DDL of your database (or SAS dataset), if this table is registered on the metadata, you will need to update the table metadata before running any code.

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Re: unable to register a DB 2 table in Sas Di

So you have a job already but not with target table in it yet?
Please show the full log from the register table event.
Perhaps you have a column with a data type that does not supported by the SAS/ACCESS engine?
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