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to extract particular data

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to extract particular data

i have a textfile with 100gb data in that i have company names genpact tcs records there how can i import only tcs record in to my dataset?ular

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Re: to extract particular data

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We need quite some more info to help you out.

  • You wish to subset on company name, and keep Genpact and TCS?
  • What format is the file?
  • What do you intend to do with the subset afterwards?

If it's in a standard file layout, take a look at PROC IMPORT.

Use a data step or SQL to subset your data.

If you are preparing a scheduled job, you might want to consider other options to optimize it.

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Re: to extract particular data

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You need to give us some representative sample data and then tell us how the result should look like.

Is this using SAS DI Studio (which version?) or coding?

With coding it could look like below pseudo code:


input var @;

if var ne 'certain value' then return;

input b c d;




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Re: to extract particular data


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