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sas oracle connection

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sas oracle connection

Hi All,


I would like to connect to oracle database through management cosole by setting up the library. 

also added server host =ip  and port=xxx, sid=xx in server (tnsnames.ora)


but when I try through smc not able to connect or register tables 


what else would be required to make successful library? 


appreciate you help!






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Re: sas oracle connection

What do you mean not able to connect or register tables? Can you describe what steps you follow and when its doesn't work describe how its not working. Are you getting an error? Do you get an option to view a log? What is in that log?
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Re: sas oracle connection

This problem happens commonly. I recommend following these steps:


1. On the server that you are setting up the library on, ensure that you can connect to the desired Oracle environment using a non-SAS tool, such as SQL*Plus.


2. Once you know that this works, you should have a good, validated set of connection credentials. Then, running a SAS session on that server, try setting up a connection using a base SAS libname statement.


3. Once you know that this works, you know that the SAS environment on the particular server can successfully connect to your desired Oracle environment. Then move on to setting it up in SMC.


If any of the steps fail, diagnose and remediate them at that level, then move on.



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