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sas hadoop connector

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sas hadoop connector

Dear All,


In need of your advise,


we are working for a customer where they have sas system and hadoop system,now the challenge is we need to establish connectivity between sas and hadoop,more over customer wants us to develop a connecctor instead of buying licence for hadoop connecctivity,

is there any way where I can bridge in sas and hadoop,and I have seen some options as below


So far we have obsurved 3 approaches to connect 


Option 1 : LIBNAME statements can be used to make Hive tables look like SAS data sets on top of which SAS Procedures and SAS DATA steps can interact.


 Option 2 : PROC SQL commands provide the ability to execute direct Hive SQL commands on Hadoop.

Option 3 : PROC HADOOP provides the ability to directly submit MapReduce, Apache Pig, and HDFS commands from the SAS execution environment to your CDH cluster.

if not these above options do we have any way to connect



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Re: sas hadoop connector

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Not sure what kind of answer you'd like. Confirmation that those options exist?
Develop your own connector? If you are hard core sw developers perhaps. But how would that even work?
If your client already have a ACCESS license for ODBC you would might be able to set up a connection (with some limitations compared to the more native ACCESS to Hadoop).
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