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Why RFSTDTC, RFXTSDTC , RFENDTC and RFXENDTC are called record qualifiers in DM whereas __STDTC variables in other domains are called as timing variables?

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Re: rfstdtc

To get a more accurate and complete answer, I'd suggest asking the SDS team at CDISC.


I will take a stab at answering, but my answer doesn't feel particularly fulfilling even to me. Unlike the --STDTC variables where the -- takes on the domain id, the DM domain's Subject Reference Start Date/Time uses RF and not DM as the prefix. I can't give you a justification over the difference, but there is one. Interestingly, in the 3.1.1 STDMIG the DM RFSTDTC variable was classified as Timing as were the other --STDTC patterned domain variables like CMSTDTC.


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