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metadata cluster problem in quorum

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metadata cluster problem in quorum

Hi all,

Problem of connecting data management server as Object spawner is not UP


we have 3 metadata data servers but we have made it only one metadata is is active (no quorum) after restart all the servers 

the data management server object spawner is not up.


thanks in advance!

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Re: metadata cluster problem in quorum

The Data Management Servers do not always start automatically. Sometimes there is a timing issue and they attempt to start but fail when the metadata server is not running. Double-check in SAS Metadata Console that your DM Server configuration is pointing to the right metadata server and then try to manually restart DM Server. Look in the DM Server directory structure to find the log that might give you more information.


Two common things that prevent DM Server from starting is that it can't connect to a metadata server or something is misconfigured, like pointing to a nonexistent log file location.



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