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loading Hadoop Hive Data in SAS Table

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loading Hadoop Hive Data in SAS Table

Hi, I'm trying to load a SAS dataset extracting data from a Hadoop Hive View.

Is it possible or should I mandatorily use a Hadoop Hive Table ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: loading Hadoop Hive Data in SAS Table

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If your view is visible from your SAS/ACCESS libref you should be able to query it, and store the result in any data store available to your SAS session (GIVEN that you have write permissions).
It sounds like you have run into some kind of obstacle. Please provide specific info like a log if you need further assistance.
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Re: loading Hadoop Hive Data in SAS Table

Hi LinusH, I tried again with my Hadoop view (not a table).  Using Options sastrace=',,,d' sastraceloc=saslog nostsuffix I've found in the log a problem in the Hadoop View: there were some text fields defined as "string" so I incurred in the "32767 length" problem and my table was too big for the space allowed. So thank you very much, Carlo


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