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issue in upload teradata table sas di studio

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issue in upload teradata table sas di studio

I am using sas distudio 4.41 .While i am using teradata table loader for load the the data into teradata table .But it through below error .

ERROR: Teradata insert: Cannot place a null value in a NOT NULL field. SQL statement was: USING ("AAA" INTEGER,"BBB" VARCHAR (50),"CCC" VARCHAR (100),"ZZZ" INTEGER,"DDD" INTEGER,"EEE" INTEGER,"FFF" VARCHAR (10),"TTTZZZ" INTEGER,"HHH" INTEGER)INSERT INTO EIWcore."RRRRR" ("AAA","BBB","CCC","ZZZ","DDD","TTTD eptSid","FFF","TTTZZZ","HHH") VALUES (:"AAA",:"BBB",:"CCC",:"ZZZ",:"DDD",:" EEE",:"FFF",:"TTTZZZ",:"HHH"). Insert substitution values are not shown.  

Line 6,461: ERROR: ROLLBACK issued due to errors for data set EIWCORE.RRRRR.DATA.

Please help me .The input table has data.



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Re: issue in upload teradata table sas di studio

Hi, Ashwini

What this means is that you're trying to add a new record to a Teradata table "Teradata insert" which has a MISSING or NULL value in one of the fields "null value", and the definition of the field in Teradata is that it cannot contain a NULL value "NOT NULL field". The stuff talking about ROLLBACK is just Teradata cleaning up after the problem, it'll go away when you fix it.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell from the error message which field is causing the problem. If you examine the table definition for your target table, it should be pretty clear.

Your resolution is to either change the field definition, removing the NOT NULL constraint, to remove the records with missing values in the field, or to replace the missing value with something else.


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