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how to avoid table locks in sas dataset?

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how to avoid table locks in sas dataset?

We have serveral jobs running parallely. Each job will make an entry to the audit dataset.So we want to avoid locks on the audit dataset.

Please suggest an optimised approach for this requirement.

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Re: how to avoid table locks in sas dataset?

If you can't control the jobs so they won't write to the audit table at the same time, there are a number of options available to you.

  1. have the audit table store in a schema that supports simultaneous updates. Examples of this is  SAS/SHARE, SAS SPD Server, end practically any other RDBMS.
  2. Make a macro that checks if a lock is available on the audit table, if not, wait for n seconds and then retries, and so on.
  3. Have the individual audit tables. They could be appended in an ordered fashion once a day (or any other time interval that suits your needs).
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