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converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

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converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

Hi Folks,

I have an old SAS data file with extension of .ssd04. How could I convert it to .sas7bdat? I am using UNIX SAS on AIX 5.3 (AIX 64) platfom. SAS version is 9.2 (TS2M0) release. Thanks.

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Re: converting .ssd04 to .sas7bdat

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This is a little out of the scope of this forum, but here is some information. I suggest that questions like this in the future be posted to Base SAS dicussion forum rather than DI.

ssd04 is a Unix V6 SAS Data Set

This topic describes 9.2 support for V6 datasets and how to use them:

As per the doc above, there is a V6 read-only engine in 9.2. The data set has to be the same unix 'flavor' as the environment you are running. If you are not able to access the above link, then I suggest they open a track with SAS Technical Support and they will grant you access.
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