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big data problem?!

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big data problem?!



Kindly, help me to understand this error message:


"ERREUR: Infeasible problem. Note the constraints in the constraint summary that are identified as infeasible. If none of the constraints are flagged then check the implicit bounds on the variables.

ATTENTION: The PRIMALOUT= data set contains a solution that resulted from unsuccessful termination.

ATTENTION: The DUALOUT= data set contains a solution that resulted from unsuccessful termination"

Thank you in advance

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Re: big data problem?!

Please describe what you were doing.


I am Guessing that the issue relates to your actual data and the request. Did you look at the flagged constraints? It appears that one or more constraints on a problem are not possible from your data such as:


X + Y < 5 but all of your data yields X + Y > 100

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Re: big data problem?!

How does these messages lead to the conclusion that this is a big data problem?

Attach the log for this step, including the program code.

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