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You ask, we answer during the April 25 Data Management Jam Session

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You ask, we answer during the April 25 Data Management Jam Session

Mark your calendar for the SAS Data Management Jam Session on the community, April 25 from 11:00 – noon EST. This is a second time we’ve held a Jam – the first one took place in January. For a refresher on what a Jam is all about, get the scoop below.

What: Are you stuck on a specific SAS Data Management problem or just looking to kick around ideas among your data management friends and SAS experts? Post your questions during the Jam when several SAS experts will be here to respond. Here we are gathered around the table and on the phone back in January.


DM Jam Jan. 17 Pic 2.JPG


When: Tuesday, April 25 from 11:00 am – noon EST

Where: Right here on the Data Management Community. Simply select New Message, type your question and post.

Why: While you can and do ask questions around the clock on the community, the Jam Session offers a chance to receive near real-time responses from SAS experts and other active community members.

After posting, wait for a reply. If we need a bit more time for research, we’ll let you know. Or if your scenario is best for a Technical Support track, we’ll advise.


Start jotting down your data management questions now. We look forward to “seeing” you on April 25!

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