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What is difference between Deployment and Redeployement?

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What is difference between Deployment and Redeployement?

Hello All,


Can any one give me brief description about Job Deployement and Re-deployement ?



There are two option comes in each job option .



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Re: What is difference between Deployment and Redeployement?

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Hi @Ritesh_dellvostro,


When deploying code, either from DI Studio or SAS Management Console, you create a new metadata object of class Deployed Job. You also generate code that will be placed in a predetermined file in a specific location on the filesystem for later execution. The SAS command line used for that execution and the server on which that will happen will be taken from the applatiion server and stored in that deployed job metadata object as well. And finally the source code itself is stored in metadata. The object is placed in a metadata folder that you specify when deploying.


So when deploying you need to specify quite a number of attribute values. Redeploying is merely a shortcut that makes it easier to repeat the process using previously specified values for those values. Usually these do not change after the first time. So when the code changes a quick and simple redeploy will suffice.


The process of deployment and subsequent scheduling is described in https://sup


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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