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What are ways to export data from tables in SAS DI?

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What are ways to export data from tables in SAS DI?

Hi All,


I am very new to SAS and I have some tables in SAS DI under Inventory which I need to export to text file and import into MS SQL, what are the easy ways to do this? Can I create a program in SAS EG to display the data in there then export?


Thank you for your help everyone.

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Re: What are ways to export data from tables in SAS DI?

To be successful in DI development I think a proper training and/or on site guidance is required. Being a skilled SAS developer helps.
Even if the documentation isn't really fit for self learning you might find some support there.

That said, the preferred way to load a SQL Server table is via a SAS/ACCESS libref.
If that isn't an option you can create the file using the File Writer transformation.
Also, when structuring your Metadata objects, it's better to work from the Folders view instead.
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Re: What are ways to export data from tables in SAS DI?

Hi LinusH,


Thank you for your response.


I do not have the on site guidance, basically I am on my own. What do you susgest for proper training?


SAS/ACCESS libref is not an option, so I am looking into File Writer Transformation. 


I will work on the Folders view from now on. 


Thanks again.






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Re: What are ways to export data from tables in SAS DI?


If you are totally new to SAS and for using DIS on a "mature" level you need to understand the SAS architecture, have SAS coding skills and DIS skills.



How to acquire these skills depends on your background (is this your first programming language or are you already experienced with other languages and tools) and on your environment (is there some experienced SAS coder which can give you guidance). 


Ideally the level you want to reach to work with DIS and to be able to fully understand, debug and optimize DIS generated SAS code:

- Understand SAS Architechture and SAS Metadata (Admin Fast Track training)

- SAS coding skills on the level Advanced SAS Programmer Certified

- Understand SAS/Access (=interfacing with data bases)

- DIS skills (DIS Fast Track)

- And if you also want to use the Data Quality tools then additionally the DataFlux training


Links to SAS training offerings (also look up what's offered as e-learning):


As for your task at hand:

If this is a once off task and you just need to export existing SAS datasets to text files like a .csv then yes, use the SAS EG export wizard.


DIS is for implementation of production worthy repeatable ETL jobs. Don't use it for anything else; and don't use it without proper training and/or guidance unless you are an experience ETL developer with other tools as else you'll create a mess.


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