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What application is this?

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What application is this?



Could you tell me what does the SAS application do?


when I right click the application(a .link file) and look at the properties, the target is:


"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\sas.exe" "D:\Project\" -batch -nologo -awsdef 0 0 100 100 -awstitle XYAAS-sdeeddt -print "%userprofile%/aaa.lst" -log "%userprofile%/aaa.log"



Could you explain what kind of application is this?



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Re: What application is this?

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This is a statement for running a SAS program called in batch mode. Batch mode is most commonly used with a scheduler to start the program automatically at a particular date and time on a regular basis. If you want to understand more about running SAS in batch mode under Windows this is a good place to start:

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