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Variable length Warnings - Audit Trail Table

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Variable length Warnings - Audit Trail Table

Please see screenshot on my warnings. According my project,

Source Table: ABR_IPG_LI

Target Table: STG1_IPG_LI

Audit Trail Table: Aud_IPG_LI

We have a variable called user, etl_table, User and lib only
in Audit trail table and all the character variable has a length of 52 which is
more than the required. But the values are correctly recorded into target table
and audit trail table.

But I wish to resolve the warnings before I proceed further.
Please suggest to overcome this warnings.

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Re: Variable length Warnings - Audit Trail Table

The screen shot says Post Code, what does that do?

Attach the full log.

Sometimes it can be tricky to resolve columns lengths in small jobs. If you can't find any other solution insert a Extract transform before the Table Loader and be sure to define your columns lengths there as in the target table.

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Re: Variable length Warnings - Audit Trail Table

Unfortunately I don't access to extract the full logs for your reference.

Also as you defined, I've added Extract transform before the Table Loader with required lengths, but still I'm getting the same warning.

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Re: Variable length Warnings - Audit Trail Table

I believe what tries to tell you: "Postcode" indicates that there is some post code in your table loader which causes this warning. Such post code is often user written and doesn't use table metadata. In order to investigate what's happening you need to look into the SAS log and into the actual post code as defined in the table loader.

The warning you're getting is normally caused by a Proc Append and when using a table loader selecting Append without replacing the target table then what can happen is that you might have changed the column lengths in your metadata table definition but as the physical SAS table already existed the column lengths there haven't changed and are "out of synch" with table metadata. So first thing: make sure the column definitions in your source and target table are the same, try and run your table loader selecting a "replace" as load technique, then re-run the job again but this time with the load technique you actually want. If you still get the error then the issue is VERY likely caused by some code in the pre- or post-code section of your table loader.

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