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Update Oracle table

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Update Oracle table

I am using SAS DI studio and I was wondering if there is a transformaiton to do a bulk update to an Oracle table?


I am currently using the Oracle bulk loader and it runs very fast.  I currently have a SAS data set with 4 columns, one column being the key column on the main oracle table.  The other 3 columns I wanted to update the Oracle table with based off of the key column.


Any ideas on how this can be done quickly?

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Re: Update Oracle table

I wasn't aware of that Oracle had bulkload facility for updates. Even so, I don't think that SAS DI Studio can use that out of the box.
For inserts, bulkload can definitely be used. See BULKLOAD and the BL family options.
For the update part, it depends on how many rows that need to be updated. There is no solution that works best for alla cases, so you might do some testing.
From the top of my head I think the the SCD Type 2 Loader have an option to upload records for update. There is also the DBKEY option. So a general advice is first find the optimal way of doing this, and then find the best way to fit it into DI Studio.
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