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Unable to run Hadoop command

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Unable to run Hadoop command


I am trying to setup hadoop connection with SAS 9.3.

filename cfg "C:/LocationOfMyHadoopConfiguration/hadoopconfig.cfg" ;

filename foo hadoop '/tmp/file1.txt' cfg=cfg user='hadoop' pass='mypassword';

data _null_;

file foo;

put "Hadoop Hadoop";


ERROR: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.dataflux.hadoop.DFConfiguration

ERROR:  at$ Source)

ERROR:  at Method)

ERROR:  at Source)

ERROR:  at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)

ERROR:  at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)

1. I have setup SAS_HADOOP_JAR_PATH in the environment variables so missing environment variable error is no longer coming.

2. I have downloaded all the hadoop jar files in SAS_HADOOP_JAR_PATH ( The jar files are for Hadoop 2.4.0 )

3. The picklist command "proc javainfo picklist 'hadoopbasics/hadoopwrapr.txt'; run;" showing





It seems like I have to specify required jar files in the picklist. is that correct? How to do that?

Appreciate any reply.

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Re: Unable to run Hadoop command

What Hadoop distribution/version do you use?

Also, consider to at least test in 9.4, since I believe SAS is putting quite some developing effort for Hadoop support.

Perhaps at track to SAS Tech support is a better choice fort his kind of detailed troubleshooting.

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Re: Unable to run Hadoop command

Thanks Linus, Just to update for future readers, the error is resolved. It seems the SAS_HADOOP_JAR_PATH was not readable. After discussing with SAS support I put that in all user accessible area in the Windows machine and I was able to run hadoop commands from SAS 9.3.

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Re: Unable to run Hadoop command

Great to hear the error is resolved, vivshri.

Thanks for reporting back on the thread.

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