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The SQL tuning checklist

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The SQL tuning checklist

The SQL query had been running for 36 hours before it was killed. The project team is panicking. The customer is upset. What can you, a SAS® programmer, do to get out of this
dilemma? Something has to be done, but what? 

Chances are you have been there. You have felt the pain. You have lived through the helplessness and fear of imminent failure.

Fortunately, it is possible to get out of this mess.
A SAS colleagues, Tatyana Petrova, and Jeff Bailey wrote a SAS Global Forum 2013 paper that shows show you the steps (and the mindset) required to solve this all-too-common problem. The paper includes examples from DB2, Greenplum, Oracle, and Teradata.

I want to know about your experiences with such situations. What have you done to resolve them?

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