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TERADATA engine cannot be found

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TERADATA engine cannot be found

I am receiving an error message that The TERADATA engine cannot be found when I try to setup a library for a Teradata connection to a database.  I can query this database via Teradata SQL Assistant and can also setup an ODBC connection to the database from SAS.  But I need to make the Teradata connection so that I can send data into the database to query against data already there.

34   libname mvpvu teradata user="&dduser." password="&ddpass." tdpid=mvp

34 ! database=MVP_DS;

ERROR: The TERADATA engine cannot be found.

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement

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Re: TERADATA engine cannot be found

  1. Verify if you have a license that includes the access to Teradata engine.
    You can do this by using: "proc setinit; run;"
  2. And if yes verify if the access to Teradata engine is installed.
    On windows verify for the presence of the binaries.
    To do this, go to the Windows Explorer and look in the
    subdirectory for      SASIOTRA.DLL      and    SASTRA.DLL.
    If you do not see these DLLs listed, then you do not have this product installed.

Cheers, Jos

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Re: TERADATA engine cannot be found


It looks like SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata is not installed.

Do you have the files sasiotpt.dll and sasiotra.dll in your %SASHOME%\SASFoundation\9.4\access\sasexe directory? If those files aren't there you don't have SAS/ACCESS to Teradata installed.

Best wishes,


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