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Simple steps to schedule a SAS job in UNIX (PUTTY)

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Simple steps to schedule a SAS job in UNIX (PUTTY)

  1. Go to the desired folder under Unix shell


  1. Go to the directory on the UNIX where your sas program resides.\

  1. at the command prompt: type at 2am tomorrow (Hit enter)


  1. It will show at>

  1. at> nohup sas enter)


The nohup utility can be used when it is known that command will take a long time to run and the user wants to logout of the terminal;

By default, when a shell exits, the system sends its chil- dren SIGHUP signals, which by default cause them to be killed.

However, with nohup, background jobs will ignore SIGHUP and continue running, if their invocation is preceded by the nohup command or if the process programmati- cally has chosen to ignore SIGHUP.

  1. at> press <Ctrl>+<d> (to save this)

  1. You can check if it has been scheduled, by typing:


  1. at -l

  1. It will list something like this


  1. job 107225020.a at Friday Oct 26th 2am

  1. If you want to remove the above job from the queue, type:


  1. at -r 107225020.a

  1. This command deletes the scheduled job.


  1. If you like to submit a job at a specified date you can type:

  1. at 0815am nov 02


  1. Here the job will run on Nov 2nd at 8.15am
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Re: Simple steps to schedule a SAS job in UNIX (PUTTY)

Hi ,


I tried the following commands in putty .But I did not see any of the outputs generated for that particular date and time .I used the following command at> nohup sasb .We use sasb command to run the sas programs .Could you let me know what has went wrong in my case ?

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