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Setup Data Remediation and MDM DBs

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Setup Data Remediation and MDM DBs

Dear all, 

Recently, I'm working on installion SAS MDM suite. And, there are some issues when setting up Data Remediation server and MDM database. May I ask you experts how to configure the DBs? I tried to search in SAS Support and Internet without luck.


Please see following info:
(1) What are the "issues"? - How to setup Data Remediation DB.
(2) What version of SAS? - SAS 9.4
(3) What platform is SAS installed on? - RHEL 6.4
(4) What DBs do you need to configure? - Oracle11gR2p3
(5) What are you trying to achieve? - During the configuring wizard, I was asked to enter the database connection info for Data Remediation Server DB schema. Should the DB need to to install and set up separately or other case? If yes, how can I set it up?


Many thanks in advance. 



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Re: Setup Data Remediation and MDM DBs

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A few tips on this topic:


  • You'll be presented with a dialog when using the SAS Deployment Wizard (SDW) that will configure the SAS Data Remediation Data Server. On this screen, no need to change anything but you'll be asked to provide a password. Use whatever you want for this.
  • Next you'll be asked for an internal SAS Account for SAS Data Remediation Services User. Provide any password you want. This information is created for the Data Management Server jobs for MDM. This identity will be used to make REST web service calls to the Data Remediation API.
  • Later you'll see a dialog that asks for Data Remediation Database User information. You can leave the username as is and again, choose whatever password you would like. This information is used when the Data Remediation application wants to communicate with its database.

After providing that information, the SDW installs the Data Remediation database and configures it. It's a Postgres database running on your mid-tier server. You should be able to see it as a new running service when the installation process completes. You don't need to independently set up this database - it's all done for you.


Check out the SAS MDM admin guide for additional pre- and post-installation information for SAS MDM.



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Re: Setup Data Remediation and MDM DBs

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@RonAgresta Thanks for your suggestion. I'll give it a try. 



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