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Server monitor

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Server monitor


Is there any way, a SAS admin can monitor SAS code submitted to server and sql that it's using?

So that owner of a long running query / Processor intensive can be notified!!

This is available in other data bases and I wonder if SAS provides something like this.


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Re: Server monitor

Most servers have IT performance monitoring tools (eg Perfmon) installed. To see these you would need the authority to do a remote log-on to the server.

With SAS 9.4 a new SAS-based monitoring tool is available through a web browser called Environment Manager. EMgr monitors all SAS servers in the same inteface so this is a major improvement on previous SAS releases.

With earlier SAS releases it is possible to set up monitoring capabilities in SAS but this takes a lot of work to set up the SAS programs required, so I suspect most SAS sites don't do it. 

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Re: Server monitor

Yes I can remote log-on to the server.

Windows task manager and Windows power shell gives very much idea about system resource consumption by each SAS process.

But it doesn't give information at data access level.

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Re: Server monitor

Since sas codes execute on SAS App server, I wonder if we have any such information in server log.

But when I tried connecting to SASApp work space, I got following error message.

SASApp Server log .png

Is there any way I can get SASApp workspace Server log?

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Re: Server monitor

Natezza provides following information and I'm looking for something similar in SAS environment:

--Active Query Entry
--Host: hostname
--October 14, 2014 11:33 AM


--Plan Id:


--Session Id:


--Client Id:






--Client IP address:



--Submit time:

2014-10-14 10:06:22

--Start time:

2014-10-14 10:06:22

--Elapsed seconds:



--Estimated seconds:

  1. 11.522

--Estimated disk:

479 KB

--Estimated memory:

1 KB






--Current snippet:


--Result rows:


--Result bytes:


--SQL Statement
select * from db.table1

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Re: Server monitor

SAS server logs are of no use for monitoring resources, they are primarily used for monitoring connections, server errors etc.

If you are not using SAS 9.4, then my comment above about setting up SAS monitoring applies. For a quick fix I would suggest getting Perfmon or similar installed. At least that will monitor overall SAS performance, just not individual SAS jobs/users.

SAS Environment Manager looks very good - no consolation if you are not on 9.4!

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Re: Server monitor

Yes, I'm using SAS 9.4

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Re: Server monitor

Do you have SAS Environment Manager installed and monitoring your servers?

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Re: Server monitor

If you are only wanting to follow sas processes use the apm tool. It creates log files as of arm api calls.

This is the same for the eventmanager.

Real os monitoring and real dbms monitoring is out of scope for sas. That they are offering some of those way without mentioning the limitations is a bad sales approach.

When you are really needing tooling at that low level at the os, you are needing os knowledge and os tools dbms tools

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