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Scheduling the SAS jobs using UC4 Scheduler !!

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Scheduling the SAS jobs using UC4 Scheduler !!

Can anyone tell me how to Schedule SAS Jobs using UC4 Scheduler ?? 

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Re: Scheduling the SAS jobs using UC4 Scheduler !!

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Funny you are asking this now, since one of my customers will be changing thir scheduling from local Windows Task to UC4 at the beginning of the next year.

Since UC4 is not a scheduler directly supported by SAS, you need somehow make the integration yourself.

The basic principle is to deploy jobs normally.

Then you could d use the command line for the deployed job and have that defined in your UC4 application. I'm a bit vague here, since we (the SAS administration) is not allowed to edit job flows in UC4.

But our solution is to build and deploy job flows as well in SMC, logically using Operating System Scheduler. They will (as you might now) be instantiated as VB-scripts under config-dir\Levn\SchedulingServer. And that is being executed by UC4. One reason for us to chose this option is because we still wish to be in control of job flow management. One drawback here is that there will be to point of controls - UC4 logs, which will point to the log in SchedulingServer subdirectory for the flow.

What option you should go for is up to how your administration is set up, responsibilities etc.

Feel free to give feedback in your progress!

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