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Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

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Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

Hello community! 

The problem is about rewriting contents of a table in SAS Data Integration Studio. 

We have a Job scheduled to run every day.

Every morning the table contents is almost empty and contains rows that has nothing to do with the right one. Than if I am running the job manually it works perfectly fine.

I have already tried to redeploy scheduling and make a reverse analysis to understand where this data comes from but it didn’t help.


Any suggestions will be very welcome!


P.S. Didn't find a branch of a forum where can I write questions about SAS DI and have chosen the most close to my mind.


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Re: Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

It may not be obvious but the Data Management forum is targeted for DI Studio questions.

Ok, what about the timestamp for the created table, does it match your scheduled job?
If not, it sounds like another job is writing to the same table. If you are lucky, it's the same object on Metadata and you will be able to find any other related job through the Analyze routine.

Otherwise you need to do some detective work. Compare log with programs and jobs. When the table was created / modified and by which user.
To mimic the batch, open the deployed job in DMS SAS/EG and use the batch user. By executing the code interactively you are able to monitor it in more detail.

Good luck!
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Re: Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

I moved this thread to the Data Management board
- Chris
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Re: Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

First of all, if your dataset should only be written from a maintained SAS batch job, I would make sure that only the user that runs the batch job has write access to the dataset (and library, if possible).

Then you need to take a careful look at the damaged dataset before it is overwritten. If possible, use the operating system's move command to create a backup for later inspection that retains the properties.

Look at the time of last modification, and see if you have a job log from the same time. An incorrectly specified job from a completely different context might be the culprit.

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Re: Scheduled Job rewrites wrong data, Help please!

Well, the problem was solved by deleting all the suspicious jobs and rebuilding them again. 

Thanks for everyone who replied. 

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