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SAS usage limitations

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SAS usage limitations

Is SAS software (EG 5.1) with UNIX can be distributed to the team ('n' members (max 10)) with single license? Do we need to add the ID in metadata server if anyone joins in the team? If so, how to accomplish the same?

Any inputs towards this thread is appreciated.

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Re: SAS usage limitations

See your contract with SAS what you have negotiated to be allowed as that can be almost anything.
Technically the license in the classic way is an entry in the core.sas7bcat it verifies the OS system date to ones that are hidden for SAS products. Not metadata is involved.

For new solutions SAS is building something into the metadata most likely checking the java-web clientsin the midtier  what is registered in the SAS metadata for solutions.

Do you have a solution?

I did not notice any registration of user in files as a license check.  I am convinced when SAS would go that way it is a more suicidable one.

The licensing and release management  issues are often mentioned as weak/cautions with SAS by Analyst reviews. You can find those analyst reviews at the site of SAS. 

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Re: SAS usage limitations

Like Jaap wrote: Check the contract.

To my (very incomplete) knowledge clients like SAS EG are often licensed on a "named user" basis (10 users would require 10 licences), server components are often licensed on a "per core" basis (eg. licence for 20 cores on a single Unix server).

But as Jaap wrote as well: Contracts are negotiated so it could look different at your site.

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