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Hello Everyone, 


  I am new to sas and endeavored to convert sas to sql. It was to be dmf wrapped but since it was decided that would be time consuming, it will now be converted into sql before dmf to smoothen the process in the long run. I’m not to familiar with how I would go about converting it, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Smiley Happy 


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Re: SAS to SQL

What are you trying to convert to SQL?  SAS and SQL are different things and do different things....

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Re: SAS to SQL

If the SAS you have is predominately PROC SQL code that should go moderately easily as Proc SQL is mostly ANSI with a few additional functions.


Data step code, since it processes data in sequence will be another matter entirely and has a number of functions that look to previous records or carry values from record to record.


And I am not even going to contemplate turning any of the statistical procedures into SQL.


Examples might help.


And which flavor of sql you are going to could make a difference.

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Re: SAS to SQL

Converting program "line by line" is seldom a good idea.

It's better to find out the major business rules, and try to reproduce the output building from scratch.

If you intend to phase out a SAS solution to SQL Server, I don't think you will get much detail support here, since most people here are SAS supporters...;-)

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