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SAS connect to CDH hadoop issue

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SAS connect to CDH hadoop issue

Hi there, i'm trying to connect my cdh hadoop with SAS. I thought all configuration is done (SAS_HADOOP_CONFIG_PATH & SAS_HADOOP_JAR_PATH, Java heap space something), but i still got error.(My SAS version: 9.4, CDH: 4.7.1 with hbase1, hdfs1, hive1, hue1, impala1, mapreduce1, oozie1, sqoop1, zookeeper1)


my log is here:


1 libname myhive hadoop subprotocol=hive
2 port=10000
3 host=""
4 schema="default"
5 user="admin"
6 password=XXXXXXX
7 ;

ERROR: java.sql.SQLException: Could not establish connection to .ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
ERROR: Error trying to establish connection.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.


And i also tried port 7180(my chd manager port):


2 libname myhive hadoop subprotocol=hive
3 port=7180
4 host=""
5 schema="default"
6 user="admin"
7 password=XXXXXXX
8 ;
ERROR: java.sql.SQLException: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException
ERROR: Error trying to establish connection.


Actually i consider this error have something to do with the crendentials, because i have tried to use the sas deployment manager to configure it, it created:



But account name& password definitely not wrong because it was default of CDH: admin&admin, and i also can logon CDH manager with it. 

What's wrong? 


Here's my JAR file



Many thanks!!!!!

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Re: SAS connect to CDH hadoop issue

Hi Karas,


Here are a couple of community threads that may help:


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Re: SAS connect to CDH hadoop issue

Posted in reply to AnnaBrown

Thanks to Anna, but still no luck found here..

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