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SAS Federation Server

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SAS Federation Server

Hi Team,


Need help on SAS Federation Server.


The question is can we write SAS code to manually edit teradata tables via SAS Federation Server. if yes then can someone help me with the code please.


Any help will be really appreciated.




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Re: SAS Federation Server

I have written FEDSQL few times.  Federation Server helps us to connect  with various DBMS and accepts ANSI SQL. AS far as I know federation server is more about connecting to Different databases rather than manually editing database Tables. DBMS tables are not meant for data enteries. You can use an update statement or insert statement to inter or edit table in FEDSQL. I am not totally sure about editing Teradata Tables from Federated server

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Re: SAS Federation Server

Chime in with @kiranv_ Federation Server is mainly about consolidating and virtualization, not application data entry.
When you say manually and SAS code, I can think of SAS Stored Process. Or how do you intend to manage those updates in practice?
Either way, I think this could/should be handled via a SAS/ACCESS engine.
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