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[SAS FM Studio] Combine Data that belongs to different Cycles

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[SAS FM Studio] Combine Data that belongs to different Cycles

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We're working on SAS FM Studio. With Cycles and Models. We don't know if the system runs on cubes

We have two Cycles: Rampa and Revenue

We copied data from one cycle to another.

In Revenue there are the same dimensions that are in Rampa, and some more.

In Revenue, we have a model where the dimensions are based on different hierarchies than in Rampa. We need to do a member formula that has to multiply price * quantity.

Price and Quantity are both members of the same dimension (Account), but are on different hierarchies. Our formula only works if we put both members in the same hierarchy. We need to make it work when both members are in different hierarchies because they belong to different cycles.


The formula KRV2 multiplies RA18 * KRV01. Initialy, both members (RA18 and KRV01) were in different hierarchies. And the formula didn’t work. Please see KRV02.


But when we put both members in the same hierarchy, it worked.




Question: Is there any way to make formulas that combine members of different hierarchies/models/cycles?

Is it possible to make formula members that refer to excel cells or excel calculated members?

Does the value of member formula data persist in the database?


Thanks in Advance!!



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Re: Combine Data that belongs to different Cycles

Bayou have quite specific/detailed problem and at least for me hard to follow. A data model and/or sample data may help to describe the situation.
And then I get a bit confused about the environment. Are you using OLAP cubes which you browse from Excel (with SAS Add-in 4 MS Office)?
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Re: Combine Data that belongs to different Cycles

Linus, thanks for your response. I updated the initial post with screenshots. We're working on SAS FM Studio, with no direct access to cubes.
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