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SAS EG program window

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SAS EG program window

Hi, I am looking for macro that sums up the variable column

Just to give an example : here is the table col names

Product. jan, Feb ...Dec

Months are the variable columns and the table changes every month, as in e.g in the month of Feb, Jan column gets dropped and so on for the March month.

The objective of the macro is to create two new columns current month and rest of the month(summed up)

Thanks in advance

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Re: SAS EG program window [how to improve your question]

Hello @Ramabc3,

Your question requires more details before experts can help. Can you revise your question to include more information? 


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Re: SAS EG program window

Here is the data

Product Jan Feb
Xyz. 200. 100
AAA. 100. 200

I want to store Jan in a column called currentMonth and Jan + Feb in the ROY column.

Next month I will get a freah sent of the above table from Feb onwards

Feb should be stored in Current Month and the rest of the months in ROY.

Hope this is clear
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Re: SAS EG program window

ProductAprMayJunJul AugSepOctNovDecCur_monthROY



Column Named "Cur_Month" and "ROY" is what I want to calculate.


As I have already mentioned, this table is month I will have data starting from May to Dec, in which case it will have to store May numbers in the Cur_Month and the rest of the months in ROY as a Sum(Jun+July+Aug+Sep+Oct+Nov+Dec)


Please note : I am using SAS Enterprise guide 7.1....I an use the program window to write the code or macro.




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