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SAS DataFlux reports "Requested item is not found".

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SAS DataFlux reports "Requested item is not found".

Dear community, 


A client of mine is having problems with the promotion process of DataFlux objects.  Here is the process: 

  1.  A set of objects (jobs, tasks, rules) are exported out of Development environment. 
  2. Imported into SIT (System Integration Test) environment where these objects perform as expected 
  3. Imported into UAT (User Acceptance Test) environment where jobs report an error "requested item is not found". 


  • Jobs run monitoring tasks on data 
  • Import order is the same between environments 
  • All packages are fresh.
  • All environments are almost empty (initial load stage). 


The issue is somehow related to a task within monitoring transformation. Selecting another task, then reselecting original tasks solves the problem. Sounds like some sort of referential issue with tasks, but why the same issue wouldn't appear in other environments? 


Opening up the job within XML editor, I can't see a reference to a task within monitoring transformation. Where does that reference get stored in a package?


Checking repository tasks, job and rules id shows that they are different between environments, so this can't be a problem since Dev2Int works fine. 


Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. 





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Re: SAS DataFlux reports "Requested item is not found".

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It would be interesting to know, when you look at the repository database tables across each environment, if the "jobcode" associated with the task in the originating system remains the same after export then import to subsequent systems, or if it changes when imported to the business rules repository for the UAT system. I believe that's how the job node knows what business rule to reference.



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