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SAS Data Management advanced - SAS Lineage

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SAS Data Management advanced - SAS Lineage

Hi Team,


Can anyone please help me to get clarity on the below points:-


In the proposed architecture, Datastage is used to extract data from sources into Teradata Landing layer. Within Teradata we have Landing, staging, core, semantic layers. Our understanding is that Datastage is not going to be used to move data in-between these layers. This will be done by some Terdata service. In such case, if there are a set of tables in semantic layer and if we want to find out lineage all the way back to source systems, how does SAS DQ perform this task?


With the same data flow mentioned in above point, if there is a Spotfire report created on top of Teradata semantic layer, does SAS DQ have the capability to generate data lineage from report to sources?


Any help will be really appreciated.




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Re: SAS Data Management advanced - SAS Lineage

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Hi Swapna - you haven't described where SAS Data Quality fits in the picture you described with Teradata and Spotfire. SAS Data Quality doesn't automatically become aware of data moving from some external source to another external reporting/discovery application. If you are using SAS Data Management Studio to connect to Teradata tables, you can get a lineage view of data moving from source to target but SAS doesn't have native awareness of Spotfire report objects.
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